Take Skin Health Into Your Own Hands

Find balance with our signature aesthetic treatment at Element Wellness.

Experience dramatic anti-aging effects and a natural glow - without fillers or injections!

Medical aesthetic massage addresses the root cause of common concerns - like acne, asymmetry, and premature aging - by working to heal from the inside out.

As we age, tense or atrophied (overly weakened) muscles can strain the skin and cause wrinkles, sagging, puffy eyes, and sometimes altered facial expressions.

Our advanced system of targeted fascial release, acupressure and gua sha balances the skin and underlying muscles of the face and upper body - to improve facial posture while reducing expression lines and wrinkles.

Specialized clinical protocols work to manually drain sluggish lymph that can cause puffiness, inflammation and breakouts. These techniques are known promote cellular activity and increase nutrient delivery to the skin, encouraging collagen production to improve skin texture and brightness.

The Element Aesthetic Massage has been developed using the most recent research into the functional properties of fascia, and the ancient healing techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Bring your body back into balance - and experience sovereign skincare - at Element Wellness.

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