Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy can minimize or eliminate neurological stress and assure that your child has the greatest possible chance to overcome life's obstacles and thrive.

Pediatric craniosacral adjustment is safe for kids of any age, even tiny newborns. We use gentle therapeutic techniques that allow your baby, child or teen to feel comfortable through all stages of adolescence.

Individual 45min Sessions - $50
Member Sessions starting at $40
Multi-Pack starting at $100




Young brains and bodies are learning to adapt, grow and function properly. All aspects of a child’s life, from physical and immune system health to brain power and self-esteem, rely on proper neurological development.

These critical periods, from infancy through the teenage years, are what set your child on the path toward health, happiness and success.

Most frequently, parents and caregivers seek our help with torticollis, breastfeeding success, tongue-tie support, colic, digestive function, and  behavioral challenges. 

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Critical development is taking place during the first weeks and months of life - craniosacral evaluations and treatments as soon as possible after birth can have a profound effect on lifelong health.

Even an uneventful, healthy delivery is stressful for an infant! Bodywork can be especially helpful in relieving injuries and impairments sustained during birth. Cranial bones and other structures may compress or overlap to accommodate the birth process. However, if proper self-correction does not occur this can interfere with a newborn's spine and central nervous system.

Disruption to cranial nerve function can lead to colic, breathing abnormalities, difficulty swallowing or latching, digestive or sensory-motor impairments and more.

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Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy can help prepare your changing body for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. In addition to facilitating overall relaxation,  treatments help your baby position itself correctly in the womb, and even prevent in-utero complications such as pre-eclampsia and premature labor. Pelvic-sacral release and realignment of the soft-tissue structures most involved with pregnancy helps ensure a positive and healthy birthing process.



Childbirth is physically and emotionally demanding. Postpartum Craniosacral Therapy works to restore balance to your recovering body. 

Whether you are recovering from pelvic floor tears, cesarean surgery, mastitis, insomnia, or postpartum depression, these specialized treatments help ease the discomforts and changes associated with childbirth and breastfeeding.

 Facilitate healing of scar tissue, improve integrity of core muscles, and encourage long-term wellness using your body’s natural abilities.

We welcome you to bring your newborn appointment at our office. If your newborn is fussy while you are on the table, we can continue in a side-lying position, allowing you to nurse or comfort your child.


People often ask us how Craniosacral Therapy and Holistic Bodywork can benefit their lives. We like to emphasize that it impacts different people in different ways. Read what our satisfied clients thought about their own personal experiences at our studio and feel free to come check it out for yourself.


Michelle has done wonders for my 2 month old in her recovery from her tongue/lip tie and tension from birth. She is also helping with her hiccups and overall I have noticed a nice improvement. I'm so glad we found her for the craniosacral therapy.


These are some common situations for which parents have found craniosacral therapy helpful:


Lip & Tongue Tie, Feeding Issues, Reflux & Excessive Spit Up, Neck Stiffness, Colic & Excessive Crying, Gas Pains, Constipation, Torticollis Irregular Head Shape, Missed Milestones, & More


Frequent Illness, Sleep Disturbances, Motor & Speech Delays, ADD /ADHD, Nervousness & Stress, Asthma, Autism, Sensory Impairments, Uncontrollable Emotions, "Growing Pains," & More


Headaches, Anxiety & Depression, Hormonal Changes, Sports & Injury Recovery,  Focus & Attention, Emotional Regulation, Social Stress, Digestive issues, & More

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