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Investment $125 - $205

Take Beauty Into Your Own Hands

Our signature aesthetic treatment has been developed using the most recent research into the functional properties of fascia, and the ancient healing techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This highly specialized system addresses the root of skin concerns - like acne, asymmetry, and premature aging - for dramatic anti-aging effects and a natural glow without fillers or injections.

The Element Medical Aesthetic Massage sessions include upper body and facial massage, with high-quality organic oils. Clients will be draped for modesty. Aftercare instruction is included, as well as a brief holistic skincare consultation to establish client goals and expectations. 

Results are visible after just one treatment, and continue to improve over the next 48 hours. We recommend a course of (up to) six monthly treatments to achieve the best results. After that, self-care maintenance in encouraged keep you looking smooth and fresh-faced. 



Investment $90 - $160

Engage the Fascia & Encourage Healing

Fascia-Focused Manual Therapy is a holistic form of clinical bodywork that gently releases restrictions to nurture the central nervous system and fascia while improving mobility and function.

This treatment utilizes a combination of  neuromuscular reprogramming, myofascial release, joint mobilization and manual traction to address all layers of the fascial system.

Through the palpation of tissues, fluid, bones and joints, holistic manual therapy assesses, treats and integrates the whole body.

All initial visits include 30 minutes for a comprehensive evaluation (including a health history intake) and at least 30 minutes of hands-on treatment. After that, session lengths vary based on your need or preference.

Treatment typically begins with the client on a massage table, fully clothed. The practitioner will apply gentle pressure in affected areas – usually the hips, shoulders or neck -  to feel which tissues need to be addressed, and treat accordingly. Some clients may experience mild discomfort; most find manual therapy to be a relaxing form of treatment.

Treatment plans vary as each person’s body reacts differently to manual therapy. Many clients achieve complete or significant reduction of symptoms  in as few as three one-hour sessions. A longer regimen could be recommended for more complex situations.

Self care stretching is highly recommended to maintain results and retain the body to ensure long-lasting relief.



Investment $75 - $95

Nourish Your Nervous System

Craniosacral Therapy gently releases tensions held deep in your body and brings your central nervous system back into balance. With a special focus on the cranial area, the vertebra, and the sacrum, delicate movements improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid within the body's craniosacral system, restoring physical and physiological health. 

Treatment typically begins with the client on a massage table, fully clothed. The practitioner will apply gentle pressure in affected areas – usually the hips, shoulders or neck -  to feel which tissues need to be addressed, and treat accordingly. Many clients find this be be a very relaxing treatment, and some may fall asleep.

Craniosacral Therapy acknowledges the relationship between structure and function. When the body functions better it can easily manage pain, improve mobility and restore health.



Investment $205

Healthy moms have healthy babies.

Prenatal care can begin at any stage in your pregnancy. Our treatments can help with body aches and pains, as well as visceral complaints such as constipation, sciatica and swelling, so that you can feel better and enjoy your journey.

Postpartum treatments help alleviate the pain of childbirth, bring your core muscles back, and encourage long-term wellness using your body’s natural abilities.

Care for women in this period includes in-depth history, physical exam, and an individualized treatment plan.

Gentle craniosacral therapy aligns the spine and pelvis, reducing low back, hip, neck and pelvic girdle pain.

Soft tissue release and manual therapy techniques relieve ligament pain and tight muscles throughout pregnancy and after. Specialized yoga postures help ensure your body is strong, flexible, and resilient.

Customized pregnancy and postpartum care plans may also include education on ergonomics, self-care, nutrition and exercise.



Investment $105

A holistic approach integrating traditional manual therapy, yoga and bodywork for enhanced healing and recovery.

Performed by a certified restorative yoga instructor and licensed massage specialist, these sessions incorporate multiple modalities, such as myofascial release and neuromuscular facilitation, to help you achieve a deeper level of healing and release.

These therapeutic techniques support a passive, slow-paced practice that nurtures the nervous system and fascia while improving flexibility and function. Energetically, Restorative Yoga opens your body’s meridian system, which enhances the body’s energetic flow (Chi) and supports emotional equilibrium.

Poses are held from 5-30 minutes each and are fully supported by props such as blankets, bolsters and sandbags. 

 An adaptable, gentle practice, these private sessions are suited for those looking to deepen their personal practice, address a specific concern or just feel more grounded. A restorative yoga session can be profoundly healing - helping to process, integrate and release the experiences and patterns we hold on to. 

These sessions are done on the ground, or in a chair. Please wear comfortable clothing.