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Treatment Options: Testimonials

Michelle was professional, caring, and provided relief I've been searching for for YEARS to treat my chronic pain. Couldn't be happier with the service that was received. Thanks again Michelle, looking forward to my next session!

Element Wellness offers hard-to-find services, designed to fit into your busier-than-ever life.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to making functional wellness more attainable - by providing quality holistic treatments in your own personal safe space, as well as ours.

This dynamic business model is centered around flexibility to make things just a little bit easier - so you can focus on feeling In Your Element.

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Infant & Pediatric Bodywork

​Pediatric bodywork is a safe and successful treatment to ensure a child's optimal neurological development, preventing a broad spectrum of childhood dysfunctions, and positively impacting everything from mobility to brain power and self-esteem. 
Enhance learning outcomes, improve sleep, reduce physical discomforts, and boost childhood immune function. 

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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is an effective, non-invasive solution for most chronic conditions and as a preventive healthcare measure. Optimizing the Craniosacral System sets the stage for the body to most efficiently use its own power to heal - so you can live in your element.

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Women's Wellness

Designed to target multiple concerns, our practice offers a variety of other specialized clinical techniques fit your needs - therapeutic massage, reflexology, and more - to stimulate the fascia, boost lymphatic circulation and decrease muscular tension. This dynamic approach is centered around flexibility to ensure your experience is as relaxing and restorative as possible.

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Mother Baby Bonding

Live Empowered. Live in Your Element.

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