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Our practice offers a variety of specialized clinical modalities to fit your needs - therapeutic massage, reflexology, and more. These techniques work to stimulate the fascia, boost lymphatic circulation and decrease muscular tension - targeting multiple concerns from multiple perspectives. 
This dynamic approach is centered around the nervous system to ensure your experience is as relaxing and restorative as possible.

Results are often noticeable after just one treatment, and continue to improve with each session. Consistency is key- we recommend monthly treatments to achieve the best results; self-care maintenance is encouraged.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of bodywork, just in case you're still unsure.

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Bodywork Benefits

Comfort & Quality of Life

Therapeutic Bodywork effectively reduces stress and anxiety through release of fascia and connective tissue diaphragms, which improves lymphatic circulation, digestion, elimination, and visceral function - while also lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, and reducing muscular strain.

Chronic Pain Management

Not only effective in reducing or  eliminating chronic pain in a wide spectrum of conditions, these innovative modalities often succeed at correcting underlying dysfunction.

Immunity & Prevention

The immune system is stimulated through the exchange of fluids and the resulting detoxification of tissues and organs. Bodywork & manual therapy can even reduce the need for invasive surgical interventions and unnecessary pharmaceuticals when used as a preventative approach.

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Craniosacral Therapy

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Infant & Pediatric Bodywork

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Women's Wellness

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Treatment Options: Testimonials

Michelle was professional, caring, and provided relief I've been searching for for YEARS to treat my chronic pain. Couldn't be happier with the service that was received. Thanks again Michelle, looking forward to my next session!

At Element Wellness, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making functional wellness more attainable - by providing quality holistic treatments and hard-to-find services.

Our unique business model is centered around adaptability and designed to fit into your busier-than-ever life. We try to make things just a little bit easier - so you can focus on feeling In Your Element.

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