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Our signature aesthetic treatments have been developed using the most recent research into the functional properties of fascia, merging modern tech with the ancient healing techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

Our highly specialized system address the root of skin concerns - like acne, asymmetry, and premature aging - for dramatic anti-aging effects and a natural glow without fillers or injections.


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Shadow Portrait


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Shadow Portrait


Investment: $90 45min

Designed to target multiple concerns at once, our specialized clinical techniques stimulate the fascia to contour, tone and lift the features, boost lymphatic circulation and decrease muscular tension - leaving skin smoothed and revitalized. A double shot of Hyaluronic Acid Serum and optional facial steam add a blast of hydration to ensure skin is plumped and glowing.

Investment: $125 60min
$145 90min

This instant-results treatment features the signature aesthetic techniques of our ELEVATE protocol, combined with powerful Microcurrent Technology, for enhanced sculpting and skin brightening. A safe, low-level current stimulates muscles and fascia to tighten and tone, while dramatically increasing serum absorption. A healthy dose of our Multi-Vitamin C Serum improves hydration and softens signs of aging.

Investment: $145 60min
$165 90min

The ultimate session for skin tightening and facial rejuvenation - our ELEVATE and CONSTELLATE protocols combine with an ancient healing rituals for high-impact results. Specialized clinical techniques stimulate the fascia to plump, tighten and lift the features. Gua Sha and acupressure boost circulation and cellular activity, reducing fine lines and blemishes for radiant skin. The results are immediately visible.


Sessions include upper body and facial massage; clients will be draped for modesty. We use performance skincare products to help you reach your goals and leave you with glowing, radiant skin.

Results are visible after just one treatment, and continue to improve with each treatment. Consistency is key- we recommend monthly treatments to achieve the best results; self-care maintenance in encouraged.



At Element Wellness we encourage proactive responsibility for one’s own health and happiness. Our mission is a pursuit of widespread empowerment through education and accessible holistic solutions. We offer tools to integrate intentional self-care practices, functional nutrition and mindful movement - as true progress requires conscious participation.
Our clinical protocols integrate thousands of years of wisdom with evidence-based holistic methods and cutting-edge quantum biology. By working to restore balance and function to the central nervous system and fascial structures, we can address the whole body (not symptoms) and facilitate overall health and longevity.