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Education is Empowerment.

Sovereign Wellness, having authority and power over one's own health, is increasingly important in today's world.

Learn how to provide for your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs by honoring the mind-body connection - with nutrition, movement, mindfulness and clinically proven self care practices.

Maintain authority over your own wellbeing with the knowledge and motivation to make healthy choices - allowing you to better manage stress, prevent disease and live in a state of empowered wellness.

Live Intuitively. Live in your Element.

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Ancient Modalities Meet Modern Healthcare

Beauty is the exterior manifestation of interior health, a concept expressed in traditional Chinese medicine as Yang Sheng, which means “nourishing life.” 

Gain a deeper knowledge of essential nutrition and clinically-proven self care practices that focus on attaining beautiful skin through enhancing health and balance.

Address the root of skin concerns like -aging, dullness, and acne -  by balancing the body as a whole, stimulating circulation, and encouraging collagen production.

Learn specialized protocols to improve from the inside out by working to manually drain sluggish lymph (stagnant fluid that can cause puffiness,  inflammation and breakouts) and tighten the skin and underlying muscles, reducing expression lines and wrinkles.  

A truly healthy complexion starts from within. Experience Sovereign Skincare and take beauty into your own hands. 

Live Intuitively. Live In Your Element.

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